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Fast, easy mounting is possible with our new GPS Mount for BMW K1200RS & GT 2001-2005. The windscreen can still be used in all positions and you always read your GPS without looking away from the street.
No vibrations!
For all BMW Navigators and Garmin SPIII & SP26**, 2720, Zumo 550, Zumo 590, Zumo 595, Zumo 660, Zumo XT and N├╝vi series.
SP26** & 2720 owners need the Garmin Motorcycle Mount. (see pictures)
Colour: Anodized Silver
The Zumo and TomTom Navigator can also be mounted with the correct adapter.

Also referred to as GPS mount, GPS bracket.

GPS Mounting K1200RS & GT from model 2001-2005

Article-No. : 44003

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Price: € 92,90
USD: 112,61 $
GBP: 79,98 £
AUD: 146,41 $A

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This adapter is made for all Garmin SPIII, SP26**, 2720 & Zumo (not for ZUMO 340, 345, 350, 390 and 395). With this adapter the GPS is 12mm closer to you and it can be dislocated 7,5mm or 15mm higher or lower as usual. You need this option for the Zumo's bus bar.
Made of black Pom incl. all screws.

Article-No. : Zumo-Ad

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Price: € 12,90
USD: 15,64 $
GBP: 11,11 £
AUD: 20,33 $A

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Adapter for TomTom 2nd Edition/Urban Rider Pro/TomTom 2013 LM, TomTom 400, 410, 420, 450, 500 & 550
Incl. screws for mounting in the GPS mount and the TomTom holder.

Article-No. : tomt-Ad Ed 2

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Price: € 16,90
USD: 20,49 $
GBP: 14,55 £
AUD: 26,63 $A

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Adapter for 1" RAM ball

Article-No. : ram-1zoll

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Price: € 34,90
USD: 42,31 $
GBP: 30,05 £
AUD: 55,00 $A

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Questions about this article

Does it also fit for BMW K1200RS 1996-2000?
No, unfortunately the GPS holding only fits for the K1200RS from 2001-2005.
So it is not possible to mount the GPS holding on your BMW K1200RS 1996-2000 and we don't have a GPS Mounting for it.

Which adapter do I need for the Garmin ZUMO 340, 345, 350, 390, 395, 396 and so on?
For the Garmin Zumo 396 you need the GPS Holding 44003 + the adapter ZumoAd340-350.
Here you will find the necessary Adapter for the Garmin 396:


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John wrote | 2019-02-07:
this bracket allows the Tomtom Rider to be secured to the Hornig frame for safer riding Be careful you do not loose the fixings as they are in a bag glued to the board which will rip when you try to remove it.

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