Booster pack Startronic 400 for BMW R 100 Model

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Designed for 12V vehicles, the STARTRONIC 400 is a smart battery-less booster pack. Equipped with supercapacitors, the device uses the vehicle battery’s residual voltage to charge itself and start the engine in a few seconds. Recharging on the mains is not necessary.

With its 300A starting power, it can start light vehicles (gas & diesel) equipped with a 12V battery in 60 seconds.
2 «forced» modes for maximum effectiveness:
- «Bypass» mode to start a vehicle with a deeply discharged battery
- «Glow» mode (pre-heating) to start diesel vehicles in cold temperatures

Anti short-circuit protection, Anti polarity inversion technology, Anti deep discharge protection


- Battery less technology
- Always operational, even after years in storage
- Resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C /+65°C)
- Long life cycle, it can be used 10 000 times without diminishing performance

The STARTRONIC can be precharged in 3 different ways:
- on a 12V substitute battery (liquid, gel, AGM, Start&Stop) in 60 secondes
- on a cigarette lighter plug (12V / 10A) in 100 seconds
- via the micro USB cable (5V / 2A) in 15 minutes (cable not supplied)

Weight: 400g, Dimensions: 205 x 125 x 53 mm, Length of cable incl. battery clamps 300 mm

Startronic 400, cigarette lighter socket, transport bag

Booster pack Startronic 400

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