Battery Charger Optimate 4 Dual Program CanBus for BMW R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure & HP2

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OptiMate4 DUAL, the ultimate all-in-one tool for 12V battery care at home, now with DUAL PROGRAM that diagnoses, recovers, charges, tests and optimally maintains, automatically. Charge the battery direct or select the program to charge via the 12V port on your CAN-bus equipped bike.
Our article number 90013 is already equipped with a plug for your BMW plug box!

With automatic KEY-LESS activation OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM will charge and maintain your battery automatically until it is disconnected. OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM includes Low voltage PULSE recovery for even more effective recovery of badly neglected, sulphated batteries; a user friendly battery test at connection; a slick weatherproof enclosure with built-in mounting lugs and improved energy effi ciency. Extending battery life by up to 400%, OptiMate 4 DUAL PROGRAM will maintain your battery safe and ready-to-go for months on end.

Instruction Manual Battery Charger Optimate 4 Dual Program CanBus

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Battery Charger Optimate 4 Dual Program CanBus (240V)

Article-No. : 90013

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Price: € 74,90
USD: 87,12 $
GBP: 65,63 £
AUD: 113,68 $A

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Extra cable for motorcycle plug box (Image 3)

Article-No. : 208-03-72

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Price: € 18,50
USD: 21,52 $
GBP: 16,21 £
AUD: 28,08 $A

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Eye cable, (spare part), (Image 4)

Article-No. : 208-03-71

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Price: € 9,95
USD: 11,57 $
GBP: 8,72 £
AUD: 15,10 $A

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Does the plug fit into all sockets? Also USA, UK, Australia, Asia?
No, there is no plug which fits all sockets. We are a German company and our plugs fit our sockets. But this is no problem. Just get a travel adapter and it should work fine.

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Frank M. wrote | 2015-07-17:
Fast efficient service with excellent product as per usual from Hornig. Very happy with their service.

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