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With this waterproof (IP68) motorcycle phone holder with wireless QI charging function (induction charging) for phones with a width of 63-72mm (MC922) or 71-90mm (MC925), you can attach your smartphone safely and easily to your motorcycle. The high-quality aluminum mounting plate with central screw guarantees a stable hold of the mobile phone and is vibration-dampened and rotatable by 90°. The sturdy metal holder with tilt joint can be mounted on tubular rods or handlebars with a diameter of 12-29.5mm.
Thanks to the large active charging area with 3 integrated charging coils (max.2.5A), your phone is reliably supplied with charging current and also cooled to prevent the phone from switching off from heat (the aluminum / metal base plate dissipates the phone's heat). The power supply is secured against thermal overload and overvoltage and takes place via the device cable (0.4 m) with a waterproof plug and the connection cable (1.4 m) with a small DIN plug for on-board sockets. In order to prevent the battery from discharging during long periods of standstill, it is also possible to operate the power supply with the help of the enclosed clamp connectors via a line connected to the ignition. Thanks to the mobile phone's wireless charging connection, the sensitive socket, which in conventional systems is permanently exposed to vibrations and the wind, remains unaffected.
Attention: The wireless power supply can only be used for suitable smartphones with QI charging function!


For even more flexible mounting options, the mounting set BA27 can optionally be used, which includes a mounting joint and holders for mirrors, brake levers or M8 mounting.
For mounting on the handlebar attachment with an M8 screw, a 20 mm longer screw than the original screw with a minimum head diameter of 13 mm is required.
For mounting on the brake / clutch lever console, the retaining plate (screw spacing 29.5-33.5 mm) is screwed to the console attachment. When using the two M6 spacers (10 mm), 2 longer screws are required.
Mounting on the mirror mount is possible using the usual M10 threads.

Operating voltage: IN: 12-48V DC / OUT 9V DC
Charging current: max. 2.5 A
Power consumption: PERMANENT 10-20 mA

IMPORTANT: Please take the adapter out of the socket, when you stop riding the bike - otherwise your battery can discharge! Or use a proper battery charger when you don't ride for a longer time (>14 days).

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Smartphone holder (63-72mm width)

Article-No. : MC922

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 149,00
USD: 161,84 $
GBP: 130,67 £
AUD: 227,52 $A

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Smartphone holder (71-90mm width)

Article-No. : MC925

Availability: on short call    Show details
Price: € 169,00
USD: 183,57 $
GBP: 148,21 £
AUD: 258,06 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Fixation kit for smartphone holder

Article-No. : BA27

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 33,90
USD: 36,82 $
GBP: 29,73 £
AUD: 51,77 $A

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