More Information about BMW F650, BMW F650CS, BMW F650GS, BMW F650ST and BMW F650GS PD

BMW F650, BMW F650 Funduro and BMW F650ST ✅ were built form 1993 to 2000 and they were a large success for BMW Motorcycle also just named BMW. The ST in BMW F650ST stands for Strada. Both models were suitable for the road and for off-road. BMW is famouse for Cardan shafts or fully suspended drives but these bikes have chains and a Rotax engine and no Boxer engine. This led to criticism in the F650 models because BMW supporter believed that thereby the BMW characteristic is missing. Both models had 47 HP.

The successors of 2000 to 2007 was the BMW F650GS and BMW F650GS Dakar or Paris Dakar, whereby GS stands for the german words: Gelände Strasse and it means in english off-road and on-road. Both were classical Enduros. BMW F650GS PD had a 21 inch front wheel. Both bikes had 50 HP with the above mentioned Rotax engine.

The BMW F650CS Scarver could offer a new Design and stronger engine. It had a belt drive instead of a chain. The Neologismus Scarver developed from the combination of Street and Carvin (as the carven when ski driving). BMW F650CS had 55 HP was thereby the strongest F650 series.

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