More Information about BMW K 1300 GT

The BMW K 1300 GT or rather BMW K1300GT ✅ is a Luxury-Tourer with every comfort. With a higher handlebar you have an ergonomic body posture which is relaxing for your back. The 4-cylinder in-line-engine with it's 160 HP and 135 NM gives enough power in spite of the 255kg. The K1300GT has electronical fuel injection, and it has a Kardan-drive which is very low-maintenanced.

In our assortment you find not only beautyful but also handy things like shift lever extensions and break pedal enlargements. We always have GPS mountnings for Navigation systems like TomTom and Garmin in stock. We can order Aluminium Wheels for you. Sidefoot engargings are recommended for a safe stand. The V-Stream Windscreen is bigger than the original Windscreen and offers a perfect wind protection. Our Tank Bags, Inside Bags, Top Case Bags and Tail Bags are handy to store all your cloth and baggage. Your seat bench can be modified special for your needs. No matter if higher, lower, harder or softer, everything is possible. Carbon, CFC and GRP cover pannels are making your K1300GT unique. The intercom system or rather the Interphone is availabel in stereo or mono. Clear indicator lenses pretify your K 1300 GT additionally. Battery chargers and garage trolleys are essential in winter time or to repair small things. Our paint protection is an invisible guard for your tank and case. You can find tools and Spares like engine oil, transmission oil, batteries, gel-batteries, oil filter tools, oil filter, air cleaner, break pads, break discs or sparking plugs in our assortment.