More Information about BMW K 1100 RS and BMW K 1100 LT

BMW K1100RS also known as BMW K 1100 R-S ✅ was built 1992-1996. BMW K1100RS is a Sporttourer and R-S stands for travel tourer. Both is possible in extremely comfortable ways. The row engine with lying four-cylinders has 100 HP and is considered as everlasting. BMW K1100RS naturally has ABS, which is absolutely necessary for your security.

BMW K1100LT or BMW K 1100 LT was built 1991-1998. The K1100LT is the absolute luxury tourer. The 4-velve in-line-engine runs very calmly and thanks to 100 HP there is enough power for overtaking. The Paralever rear-wheel-mounting and the gas-preassure suspension rear provide very good riding quality and an easy handling. The electrically adjustable windscreen is naturally with the K 1100 LT, so that one feels always only as much wind as one wants. The topcase as well as the side suit-cases have sufficient reservoir even for longer routes. Radio and cassette recorder are integrable with this model, so you don't have to worry about your entertainment on a longer trip. The crash bars are an extremely useful attachment as the machines has a very high dead weight. This motorcycle also has an alarm system which is almost natural and it brings out the privileged position of the K1100LT even more.

A new cushioning for your seat makes it very comfortable and everybody who already drove the K 1100 LT knows what I'm talking about. Tank backpack as well as suit-cases offer reservoir even for longer routes. Under the column wearing parts you can find engine oil, transmission oil, batteries, gel battery, oil filter tools, oil filter, air cleaner, brake pads, clutches and sparking plugs. The Remus exhaust system additionally provides a beautiful sound. WP, Wilbers or Öhlins suspension rears ensure the necessary travelling comfort, no matter if you are driving alone or with a co-driver. The different oil filler plugs are available in the different colors, with or without emblem. To stay on the correct route recommend we recommend our TomTom or Garmin navigation system,s or also called GPS receiver. At present the best intercom system is the Interphone, which is available in Stereo or mono. Of course also tools, battery chargers, garage trolleys as well as all accessories are in our assortment.