More Information about BMW F 650 GS, F 700 GS and BMW F 800 GS

The 2008 BMW F650GS ✅ with its 71HP is very similar to the BMW F800GS,with its 85HP, which was 2008 shown to the public for the first time. Both have the same Rotax engine. A two-cylinder row engine with cam shaft lying above, disconnectible ABS and a lattice tubing framework. BMW GS models (off-raoad, on-road) are full enduro motorcycles but it is of course also possible to ride them on road. The BMW F800GS 21 inch front wheel so you can ride it better in mud and dirt. Both travelling enduros have their tank under the seat in order to keep the weigh closer to the ground and emphasis but more to improve the handling characteristics.

Those two travelling enduros from BMW motorcycle are for each off Road adventure and of coures for large routes suitable. In order to make these routes even more pleasant and more comfortable we developed two tank backpacks and further luggage systems like bags and suit-cases for your BMW F650GS and BMW F800GS. To protect the driver better from wind and weather we have two wind screens in our program and in order to minimize the damage after a crash we offer two crash bars with different designs. Functional products are our front column, as well as our steering wheel increase however above all our rear fender for the rear wheel, which is made alternatively in carbon or GRP. For more achievement and a better sound we offer exhaust systems from Remus. Likewise you find and navigation equipment of TomTom and Garmin with the suitable GPS mounting plates for your motorcycle. We have also much accessories like intercom systems and still more spare parts and wearing parts begun with the engine oil, transmission oil, battery over oil filter key, oil filter, air cleaner, chains, obstacles, brake linings up to spark plugs. But can also find suitable lacquer protective plastic films. Not only when you ride really hard off-road but also when you ride a lot on streets the suspension and the springs play an important role. In the category tools you can find the necessary tools which you need to repair your motorcycle.