More Information about BMW F 900 R

At the EICMA 2019, the new BMW F900R was presented and impresses with its precision and directness. As if oneself was fused with the F900R, the power in the curves can be used intuitively correctly. Driving fun is inevitable with this Dynamic Roadster. Attention was also paid to the lighting technology, safety and connectivity of the F900R.

Detailed information, pictures and a video can be found here.

With the help of the carbon fiber- and GRP parts, your F900R will stand out from the crowd. The frame end caps create a visual improvement that blends harmoniously into the overall appearance of the motorcycle. If you like to work on the BMW F900R yourself, you should definitely have an Allen key, a torque wrench or a diagnostic equipment at home. Choosing the right windshield depends on many different factors, such as the helmet or the riding position. For this reason, different touring screens, but also sports screens, are available. Bring a piece of racing fever into everyday life with the “Race” decor sticker set. But if it is the country road you are after, a top case, tank bag and tail bag should be part of the basic equipment. In addition, a navigation system, for example from Garmin or TomTom, should be used on a motorbike tour, not only because of the destination guidance. Modern navigation systems offer you the possibility of reaching your destination in a particularly winding way, if necessary. A seat that is tailored and modified to your needs and handlebar risers ensure that you arrive there rested and pain-free. Enjoying the BMW F900R for as long as possible is a goal probably shared by all owners of this machine. However, care and maintenance is the be-all and end-all: wether with cleaners and polishes, engine oil, brake discs and an air filter. There are two sides to the lighting of the F900R: On the one hand the safety aspect and on the other hand the optics: our additional LED- or halogen headlights improve both.