More Information about BMW R 1200 S & BMW HP2 Sport

On this page you will find all our product categories for your BMW R1200S ✅ and BMW HP2 Sport. Those two motorbikes are classified for pure Sport. The HP2 Sport was specially made for race track. And it's flat engine gives 133 HP. So it's jsut perfect for racing. As equipment-option BMW needet for the HP2 Sport the shifting assistance, which allowes upshifting without clutch. Driving pleasure in perfection! The BMW R1200S or rather R12S is also know as 1200S, however the BMW HP2 Sprot is often called HP2, which can create a mix-up.

For the BMW R1200S we should especially stress the rear hugger, that is a good splash guard. The Cabon Engine Spoiler for the race-feeling. The Number Plate Mounting with LED indicators for the perfect look. The Superbike Handlebar so you don't have to carry the whole weight with your hands. The Laser Exhaust System not only has a grat look, it also gives a MotoGP Sound. Several Windscreens, Clear Indicator Lenses to upgrad your bike's look. As well as Accessories like Battery Chargers, Main Stands, Engine Oil, Transmission Oil, Batteries, Oil Filters, Air Cleaner, Sparking Plugs, Clutches, Break Pads, Navigation by TomTom and Garmin, Intercom System and WP Suspensions.

For the BMW HP2 Sport we offer the Carbon rear hugger, that is a good splash guard, but still keeps the weight low. As well as lots of Acessoires like Battery Chargers but also Spares and Wearing Parts.