More Information about BMW R 850 R, BMW R 1100 R, BMW R 1150 R and BMW R 1150 R Rockster

The BMW R1150R ✅ is a Roadster or Nakedbike which which you can drive eiterh fast and sporty, but also comfprtably tours. Thr BMW R 1150 R has a 2-cylinder flat engine and Cardan, it has ABS which is essential for the safety. Thanks to Paralever-Telelever it has a very good handling.

The BMW R1150R Rockster was brought out as a special additon of the BMW R1150R. It has basically optical differences like double-head lights

For the BMW R 1150R we have Tank Bags, Cases, Topcase and Tail Bags in varous sizes. Inside Bags and Topcase Inside Bags are handy to store your clothes and others things. Your Seat Bench can be modified special for your needs, so you can reach the perfect sitting posture. We have Windscreens in different sizes, as well as Foot rest lowerings for driver and co-driver. Our different oil filter plugs are not only pretty, but also meaningful. A Crashbar is available for this bike. The GPS mounting for your TomTom, Garmin or any other Navigation System is available at our shop. Our handlebar raisers are recommendable for an optimal sitting posture. Remus or Laser Exhaust Systems make sure a perfect look and a sprty sound. Spares and Wearing Parts like engine oil, tramsmission oil, batteries, gel-batteries, oil filter tools, oil filter, air cleaner, break disks, break pads and sparking plugs are always on stock. Carbon, CFK or GFK cover panels additionally upgrade your bike. Carbon rear huggers and number plater defelctors are useful products. LED Indicators or LED tail lights with orange or white Indicator lenses make sure a perfect look. With the Intercom System Interphone you can easily have conversation while you are driving. We have battery chargers, garage trolleys, paint protection as well as all b>Tools. WP, Wilbers or Öhlinse Suspensions complete the driving peasure with your R 1150 R.