Lifter - Assembly Stand for BMW F650CS

BMW F650CS Bikes

Article number 2016N: Very stable and useful lifter, made of galvanized steel. You will also have to order the arbor.
All our arbors make sure that you can secure your motorcycle for 100%! But you can still change the wheel, without giving up the security!
You can still move the wheel, even when the motorcycle is lifted up (for example for cleaning the wheel). Lubricate the arbor before using!
The long and bent lever makes sure that you can hold the handle bar while lifting the motorcycle! You can move the complete motorcycle very easy and fast when you combine our lifter with the Shunting-Set article number 2017RS.

Article number 2020I: Arbor, diameter 30,5mm

Article number 2017RS: Shunting-Set


Article-No. : 2016N

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 119,90
USD: 131,10 $
GBP: 100,62 £
AUD: 194,50 $A

without VAT plus shipping


Article-No. : 2020I

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 79,90
USD: 87,36 $
GBP: 67,05 £
AUD: 129,61 $A

without VAT plus shipping


Article-No. : 2017RS

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 109,90
USD: 120,16 $
GBP: 92,23 £
AUD: 178,28 $A

without VAT plus shipping

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