USB Twin Tank Bag Cable (USB-A & USB-C) for BMW F 650, CS, GS, ST, Dakar (1994-2007)

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This USB tank bag cable is on one side equipped with the DIN angle plug for BMW motorcycle sockets and on the other side it has an USB double charger (USB-A and USB-C). You plug it for example into your BMW motorcycle socket and put the USB socket into your tank bag. Then you can charge your mobile phone, camera and much more inside your tank bag.

Small DIN angle plug for DIN sockets (BMW motorcycle sockets)
USB-A and USB-C socket 3.6A each
No vehicle installation
Power consumption only when plug is connected
1.5m of cable easily reach from the socket to the tank bag or pannier

Input 12V DC, Output 5V DC, 2x 3,6A
1,5m total length
Weight: 95 g

IMPORTANT: Please take the adapter out of the socket, when you stop riding the bike - otherwise your battery can discharge! Or use a proper battery charger when you don't ride for a longer time (>14 days).

Also referred to as USB adapter, USB plug-n-play socket, plug & play USB power outlet.

USB Twin tank bag cable (3,6A each)

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