Windscreen for BMW F650GS (08-) & F800GS

BMW F650GS (08-) & F800GS Bikes

Lots of riders of the new BMW will want more wind protection, because the original windscreen is extremely sporty in design.
This windscreen is much bigger, and has a different aerodynamic shape. The resulting improved wind protection reduces the (wind) pressure on the rider, which results in much more relaxed riding. Turbulence around the helmet is minimised and protection against the weather improved.
The windscreen is simply fitted in place of the regular one. It is attached at the same points.
Also reffered to as windshield, windscreen, shield, screen.
Size H: 350mm

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clear, Windscreen BMW F650GS & F800GS

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tinted, Windscreen BMW F650GS & F800GS

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Questions about this article

Which windscreen is the best option for me?
Windscreens and wind protection are always a complicated issue and advices via internet or telephone are not possible or wrong in most of the cases. It is not only about the windscreen, there are also many other individual factors like your helmet, your sitting position and your own subjective feeling. Therefore, we cannot give you any recommendation or advise. Before ordering, many customers for example test the necessary windscreen height by slightly moving their head up and down while driving.

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Jubb wrote | 2021-04-26:
Bought this motorcycle screen from Hornig- Germany All as described. Arrived very quickly .All OK.

Pete L. wrote | 2017-08-11:
Had to remove 2 pieces of plastic trim (1 either side of the headlight) in order for the screens and attachment brackets to fit properly. Once that was done the screen was a perfect fit and when riding, the wind pressure on my head was considerably reduced - no more sore neck. Don't know why BMW doesn't fit screens like that during manufacture because the small screens are pretty much useless.

Rodrigo wrote | 2012-09-25:
Very good windscreen, much better protection than the original

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