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BMW K1600GT & K1600GTL Battery Charger K900

BC K900 is the ultimate and most innovative battery charger, maintainer and reconditioner on the market, for all 6/12V batteries (traditional with liquid electrolyte and removable caps, MF, GEL, AGM, VRLA), with a specific program to recharge batteries directly through the 12V sockets installed on vehicles provided with a CAN-Bus system (like BMW motorcycles).
BC K900 ensures the best battery performance and a longer battery life, thanks to a full automatic 8-cycles charging algorithm, which makes it ideal for the battery analysis, recovery (starting from 1.25 Volt) and reconditioning, recharging, desulfation and long term maintenance: the device can be left always connected to the battery for an indefinite time, as long as the vehicle is unused.
With BC K900, you can choose between three different programs: for 6 Volt batteries, for 12 Volt batteries and for the direct charging through 12 Volt well as any functioning error in real time.
BC K900 does not produce sparks and it is protected against short circuit, sockets on CAN-Bus equipped motorcycles.
Recharging and maintaining a battery installed on a 12V-CAN-Bus-System equipped motorbike has never been so easy: the revolutionary BC KEY-LESS direct connection system allows to connect the charger directly to 12V DIN 4165 cigar sockets (installed on BMW motorcycles), without having to turn the key nor to turn on the instrument panel.
BC K900 delivers a maximum current of 0.9 Amps and is suitable for all 6/12 Volt batteries from 1.2 to 45 Ah (up to 100 Ah for maintenance). A couple of LEDs indicate the charging cycle executed as reverse polarity, overcharging and overheating.

Input Voltage 220¸240 Vac, 50¸60 Hz
Charge Voltage 6.9 V / 7.2 V - nominal 6 V (6 Volt mode), 13.8 V / 14.4 V - nominal 12 V (12 Volt mode)
Charge Current 0,9 A max
Charging Algorithm 8 cycles, automatic (Initialization, Recovery, Soft Charge, Bulk Charge, Desulfation, Battery Analysis, Maintenance and Equalization)
Types of Batteries 6/12 V Lead Acid
(Traditional/Wet, Gel, MF, VRLA, AGM, Ca/Ca, etc.)
Battery Capacity From 1.2 Ah to 45 Ah (Charge), up to 100 Ah (Maintenance)
Operating Temperature from -20░ to +50░C
IP Class Weatherproof - Protection against water, splash IP44. Suitable for outdoor use.

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Battery Charger K900 (240V)

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Does the plug fit into all sockets? Also USA, UK, Australia, Asia?
No, there is no plug which fits all sockets. We are a German company and our plugs fit our sockets. But this is no problem. Just get a travel adapter and it should work fine.

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