Brake pedal enlargement for BMW R1200R (2005-2014)

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This brake pedal enlargement is nicely machined aluminium, knurled and silver anodized. The knurled surface provides much better grip than the original brake pedal. It has a slot on its lower side which you tighten with a calliper and it will stay perfect in place. You can also secure the brake pedal extension using some silicone. Length: circa 5,5cm, Diameter: circa 2,4cm
Also referred to as brake pedal enlarger, brake pedal extension, foot brake lever width extension.
Suitable for:
BMW R 1200 R 2005-2014

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Jonathan wrote | 2016-10-08:
Looks good and extends the brake pedal well. The extension needs to be squeezed to attach to the existing pedal so hope it stays on ok. Time will tell.

Yoshimasa.I wrote | 2012-11-15:
Texture is well cool. Good products that also functions as a decorative effect and practicality.

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