Handlebar Risers for BMW R1200R 2005-2010

BMW R1200R 2005-2010 Bikes

Handlebars rise by 25 mm
- For an upright and relaxed riding position
- Less strain on shoulders and wrists
- For sport bikes: Better standing, less exhaustive riding
- Better handling
- Black or silver anodized
- EG/ABE street homologation

When using the original BMW fog lamps, you also require our special screw screw-set (01-040-0272-0).

Fits for:
BMW R1200R 2005-2010

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This product has a General Operating License for Germany. An additional T▄V approval is not required. This General Operating License is valid in many other countries.

Handlebar Risers 25mm black

Article-No. : 01-040-0265-0

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Price: € 47,90
USD: 53,98 $
GBP: 40,78 £
AUD: 70,82 $A

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Handlebar Risers 25mm silver

Article-No. : 01-610-0010-0

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 48,90
USD: 55,11 $
GBP: 41,63 £
AUD: 72,30 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Special screw-set 2x M8 x 65 with M4 thread

Article-No. : 01-040-0272-0

Availability: Out of Stock    Show details
Price: € 19,90
USD: 22,43 $
GBP: 16,94 £
AUD: 29,42 $A

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