Handlebar risers R1200R 2011-2014 for BMW R1200R 2011-2014

BMW R1200R 2011-2014 Bikes

This handlebar riser for your BMW R1200R 2011-2014 lets you sit up straighter and be more comfortable on longer rides. You'll notice a definite decrease in the stress on your wrists and shoulders. Your trip will be safer; you'll arrive more relaxed.
The riser is installed between the handlebars and the upper fork brace. The longer screws required are included in the kit.
A technical component report is also included to facilitate entry of this modification at a vehicle inspection station.

- Made of aluminium
-Silver anodised
-High-strength, galvanised screws

What's included:
-Handlebar riser, 20 mm high on the left and right or Handlebar riser, 32 mm high, offset 20 mm towards the rider on the left and right
-Longer mounting screws
-Installation instructions
-Technical component report

-To ensure a safe, tension-free complete installation, it is necessary to install a longer brake line!
-The appropriate Stahlflex steel-braided brake line is also available, see 01-610-5365-0.
Only fits for R1200R with ABS!

Handlebar risers 20mm R1200R 2011-2014 (with street homologation)

Article-No. : 01-610-5255-0

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 59,90
USD: 69,68 $
GBP: 52,49 £
AUD: 90,91 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Handlebar risers 32mm, 20mm R1200R 2011-2014

Article-No. : 01-610-5257-0

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 59,95
USD: 69,73 $
GBP: 52,53 £
AUD: 90,99 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Front steel braided brake line 3 cm longer

Article-No. : 01-610-5365-0

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 49,95
USD: 58,10 $
GBP: 43,77 £
AUD: 75,81 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Questions about this article

Do I really have to order the longer brake line (part no. 01-610-5365-0)?
In general, the longer brake line is only necessary for the handlebar risers 01-610-5257-0 (32mm, 20mm). However, in rare cases, it can also be necessary for the other handlebar risers 01-610-5255-0 (20mm). As a general rule, we recommend to always use the longer brake line 01-610-5365-0.

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The average rating of this product is 5 of 5:
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Bruce wrote | 2017-11-09:
High quality fit and finish, easily installed and a major improvement in riding position for me. Highly recommended!

Ray wrote | 2014-11-08:
These are Touratech risers which are cheaper to buy in Germany than I could get in the UK even when the price of postage is included. Easy to fit, great quality but ended up getting the longer brake hose as it is a little bit to much of a stretch with the original. Riding position has inproved as you can use more of the seat area and has a comfortable reach to the bars.

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