Handlebar risers R1200R 2011-2014 for BMW R1200R 2011-2014

BMW R1200R 2011-2014 Bikes

This handlebar riser for your BMW R1200R 2011-2014 lets you sit up straighter and be more comfortable on longer rides. You'll notice a definite decrease in the stress on your wrists and shoulders. Your trip will be safer; you'll arrive more relaxed.
The riser is installed between the handlebars and the upper fork brace. The longer screws required are included in the kit.
A technical component report is also included to facilitate entry of this modification at a vehicle inspection station.

- Made of aluminium
-Silver anodised
-High-strength, galvanised screws

What's included:
-Handlebar riser, 20 mm high on the left and right or Handlebar riser, 32 mm high, offset 20 mm towards the rider on the left and right
-Longer mounting screws
-Installation instructions
-Technical component report

-To ensure a safe, tension-free complete installation, it is necessary to install a longer brake line!
-The appropriate Stahlflex steel-braided brake line is also available, see 01-610-5365-0.
Only fits for R1200R with ABS!

Handlebar risers 20mm R1200R 2011-2014 (with street homologation)

Article-No. : 01-610-5255-0

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 59,90
USD: 69,68 $
GBP: 52,49 £
AUD: 90,91 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Handlebar risers 32mm, 20mm R1200R 2011-2014

Article-No. : 01-610-5257-0

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 59,95
USD: 69,73 $
GBP: 52,53 £
AUD: 90,99 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Front steel braided brake line 3 cm longer

Article-No. : 01-610-5365-0

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 49,95
USD: 58,10 $
GBP: 43,77 £
AUD: 75,81 $A

incl. VAT plus shipping

Questions about this article

Do I really have to order the longer brake line (part no. 01-610-5365-0)?
In general, the longer brake line is only necessary for the handlebar risers 01-610-5257-0 (32mm, 20mm). However, in rare cases, it can also be necessary for the other handlebar risers 01-610-5255-0 (20mm). As a general rule, we recommend to always use the longer brake line 01-610-5365-0.

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The average rating of this product is 5 of 5:
(after 3 Ratings)
Tedd wrote | 2017-12-12:
Installation was an easy 5 minute job. The risers transformed my R12R ergonomics. Now managble in slow traffic but even better, more comfortable on long haul tours. Longer brake hose was ordered too and definitely required to avoid unacceptable stress at full lock.

Bruce wrote | 2017-11-09:
High quality fit and finish, easily installed and a major improvement in riding position for me. Highly recommended!

Ray wrote | 2014-11-08:
These are Touratech risers which are cheaper to buy in Germany than I could get in the UK even when the price of postage is included. Easy to fit, great quality but ended up getting the longer brake hose as it is a little bit to much of a stretch with the original. Riding position has inproved as you can use more of the seat area and has a comfortable reach to the bars.

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