Engine Spoiler for BMW R1200R (2005-2014)

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Our engine spoiler is especially designed for your R1200R and made of high-quality glass fibre reinforced synthetic material and black primed. Because of our elaborate mounting systems it is very easy to install. Incl. all fasteners and install instructions. With homologation EG/ABE.
Note: The angle freedom is somewhat restricted.
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If you have no silicone, you can also order our high-quality silicone which is pre-filled in the volume you need and easy to apply.

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This product has a General Operating License for Germany. An additional TÜV approval is not required. This General Operating License is valid in many other countries.

GRP Engine Spoiler

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Grid for the waterworks
(Image 3)

Article-No. : 40111

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Silicone 10ml (you need it 2x)

Article-No. : s10ml

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Questions about this article

What does grounded/primed mean?
A GRP (glass fiber reinforced plastics) part is primed (mostly shiny black primed), after you pull it out of the mold in which it was laminated. A primed part is not a perfectly painted part! It can for example have small scratches and so on. This is normal and no big deal, because usually these products get painted in the respective motorcycle colour (by the customer or by the customer’s varnisher). Primed means ready for painting! It does NOT mean perfectly painted and also does not mean that the part has a perfect surface.


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