Extra power socket for BMW R 1250 GS & R 1250 GS Adventure

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Power socket with cover and mounting bracket, 50 cm line and fuse. This accessory plug kit allows you to plug in any BMW accessory. This is a DIN or BMW standard plug. It is smaller than the SAE or cigarette lighter style plugs. It is also standard on Volkswagen buses and vanagons up to 1984.
You can use this plug (article no. 90026) with the extra power socket.
Adapter cable for cigarette lighter plug: Article no. 10003690

Article-No. : 90025

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Questions about this article

Can you please provide the installation instructions?
The installation is expected to work as follows:
- Ignition off / Look for a mounting place / small, round drain hole in the socket has to face to the bottom side
- Mounting of fuse in a protected place in the red cable, as close to the battery as possible
- Cable installation: No contact to hot or moving parts
- Battery connection: Red wire to plus terminal, (+)black wire to minus terminal (-)

If you are unsure how to properly install this power socket, we recommend strongly to consult your local motorbike workshop for assistance.


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