Rubber Grips for BMW R850GS, R1100GS, R1150GS & Adventure

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Our rubber grips improve the rider's riding pleasure and safety. They reduce vibrations and have an outstanding material quality. They are resistant to weathering influences, UV and ozone.
Sold in pairs.
Length: 130 mm or 5 1/8"
Diameter: 22-24 mm or 7/8" - 1"
Open-ended grip, compatible with handlebar ends.
Attention: Do you have heated grips or not?

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Rubber Grips

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Rubber Grips for heated grips

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Questions about this article

How do I install the rubber grips when I have heated grips?
The installation is not easy. If you can't do it or have no experience in it, please go to a professional repair shop.
You have to cut the original grips from the heating.
Which is no big problem but you have to be careful!
Then you can put the new grips in boiling water to enlarge them.
Then of course dry them. Push them over the grip. That’s it.

Please make also sure that you order the correct grips.
You can find all sizes in the product description.
If you install too small grips they will of course crack!

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Cem Bagdatli wrote | 2012-05-02:
These grips are made from high quality material and good design. But read my comment, it is not very easy to put them over the heating wires. I own 1150 GS ADV, with heated grips. It is very difficult to put these grips on place, because the both endings of the original grips cover the distal and proximal parts of the wires. this covering is made by a kind if plastic injection system, so that the wires are in the plastic not below it. To put the new ones you have to cut the original ones these both endings which includes the wires in them, a dangerous operation. But if you knew that the original grip has the wires on both ending and cut it like a surgeon, it is ok. After removing the original grips and carefully and as much as possible cutting both endings, you may try to push the new ones in their place. As the instructions says the best method is heating the new grips as much as possible in a boiling water to make them more elastic and put some lubricant inside the grips other wise you will not be able to push them, And dont forget to wear gloves or you will injure your hand skin while pushing them that hard.

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