Tank Bag 22L for BMW S1000RR (2009-2018)

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With 15 - 22 litre volume and with a big map pouch. On the left and on the right side is a small side bag. You can enlarge the tank bag from 22 cm to 32 cm height. It is also equipped with a handle and a removable belt. The bag is waterproof but when you ride for hours in a rainstorm a water protection would be useful.
Sizes (L x W x H): ca. 24 x 26 x 22 cm

Map Pouch A4 (KTA4) can easy be mounted on the tank bag. Size 26 x 30 cm, Velcro fastener.

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Tank Bag 22L

Article-No. : TM-EN.M15-22

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Price: € 114,90
USD: 133,65 $
GBP: 100,69 £
AUD: 174,38 $A

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Rain Protection Cover

Article-No. : regenhaube

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Price: € 9,90
USD: 11,52 $
GBP: 8,68 £
AUD: 15,03 $A

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Map Pouch A4

Article-No. : KTA4

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Price: € 20,90
USD: 24,31 $
GBP: 18,31 £
AUD: 31,72 $A

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