BMW S1000RR vs BMW M3

2010-05-11 - Can the S1000RR compete with 420bhp of the BMW M3?

The brand new BMW S1000RR has 193bhp and is only 183kg but can it compete with the power of 420bhp in the BMW M3? Check it out for yourself!

BMW S1000RR:
Power 193PS (142kW)
Weight 183kg
Power-Weight Ratio 1,29 kg/kW

BMW M3 E92:
Power 420PS (309kW)
Weight 1.655kg
Power-Weight Ratio 5,36 kg/kW

BMW S1000RRPrintable PictureBMW Motorrad S 1000 RRPrintable Picture

BMW S 1000 RRPrintable PictureBMW Motorrad S1000RRPrintable Picture

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