Grenzerfahrung 2010 visit the new Hornig building

2010-07-15 - Collecting money for "Deutsche Krebshilfe"

Helene and Ralf Voigt from Cologne collect with their motorcycle tour called "Grenzerfahrung 2010" (Borderline Experience 2010) money for the "Deutsche Krebshilfe" (Germany Cancer Help). Every year 450.000 people contract cancer in Germany. Including 1.800 kids and teenager under 15. The slogan of "Deutsche Krebshilfe" is "help. research. inform. ". "Deutsche Krebshilfe" supports projects of improving prevention, early recognition, diagnosis , therapy, post-operative treatment and cancer self-help.
According to the 20th anniversary of the German reunion Helene and Ralf Voigt planed their tour along the new border of Germany. 5000km through 10 German states in only 3 weeks and collecting as much money as possible for "Deutsche Krebshilfe".
Hornig is one of the two main sponsors of "Grenzerfahrung 2010" because they want to help active Helene and Ralf Voigt and of course "Deutsche Krebshilfe". The Voigts visited with their BMW K1200GT the new Hornig building at Gewerbepark Chammünster Nord C5 in Cham, Germany on the 14th July 2010. They had a look at the new Hornig building and a brand new navigation system called "X-Navigator" was mounted to their bike. But of course Hornig supplied the necessary accessory already before the start in Cologne, in order to make the tour as comfortable and secure as possible.
Ralf Voigt makes movies during the ride with the new GoPro HD camera system and he can now fill his cases much easier with the Hornig inside bags.
Helmut Hornig is proud to support active the tour "Grenzerfahrung 2010" and "Deutsche Krebshilfe" with his products.

Ralf Voigt and Helmut HornigPrintable PictureMounting the X-NavigatorPrintable Picture

Helene, Ralf Voigt and Helmut HornigPrintable PictureGPS Mounting on the BMW K1200GTPrintable Picture

Address of our new building:

Motorcycle Accessory Hornig GmbH
Gewerbepark Chammünster Nord C5
93413 Cham

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