Impressive Quality of Hornig Carbon Fiber products

2011-02-05 - Carbon Fiber in its purest form, for example Side Cover BMW R1200GS

Dear BMW Motorcycle Riders,

we added many new GRP and Carbon Fiber products in the last few days to our online shop. Just have a look at the categories of your BMW Motorcycle.
As an example of our high manufacturing quality of GRP and Carbon Fiber we will introduce the brand new Carbon Fiber Side Covers for BMW R1200GS.
You can see the impressive quality of our GRP and Carbon Fiber products in the high resolution pictures. We manufacture these products in the so called laminating process. After the lamination process the materials will be pressed in a positive and negative mould until the resin set.

Carbon Fiber Side Cover BMW R1200GSPrintable PictureCarbon Fibre Side Fairing BMW R1200GSPrintable Picture
Carbon Fiber Side Fairing BMW R1200GSPrintable PictureCFK Carbon Fibre Side Cover BMW R1200GSPrintable Picture

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