New Hornig Brake Disc Lock

2011-05-02 - U-Lock and Chain-Lock-Combo

Dear BMW Motorcycle Rider,

RK5667 is the small starter brake disc lock for only 24,- Euro. Which is chrome outside and very eye-catching. With its 7mm thick cotter pin it provides good safety for your bike. Additional you can combine all our brake disc locks with a reminder cable, which will remind you not to try to ride away without removing the brake disc lock.


Hornig Brake Disc Lock BMW MotorradPrintable Picture

Hornig Memory Cable BMW MotorradPrintable Picture

RK8 is the name of the Hornig brake disc lock with a 110db alarm function which will drive any thief back. The RK8 is very easy to install and to use and you can easily carry it in its bag under your seat or in your luggage. The RK8 is a premium brake disc lock for 38,- Euro and of course you can combine it with our memory cable.


Hornig Brake Disc Lock RK8 110DB BMW MotorradPrintable Picture

RK15 is the name of the brake disc lock par excellence. In order to get the French S.R.A homologation it had to prove many times that no saws, no bolt cropper or drilling can break it. It has an intelligent alarm function which needs a minimum of vibrations to start. The owner can turn on or off this function as he wants to. The RK15 needs two AAA batteries which last very long and you can buy them anywhere. Additional we developed a motorcycle mount for the RK15 which can for example be mounted at the frame of the BMW R1200GS. So you don't need to store the lock under your seat or in your case.


Hornig Brake Disc Lock RK15 110DB BMW MotorradPrintable Picture

The special hardened steel of your U-Lock has a diameter of 16mm which means it is extremely safe and thieves will have a huge problem to remove it. The size of the whole U-Lock are 85x250mm (Width x Length). The lock is S.R.A and NF-FFMC homologated which means saws, bolt croppers or drilling has no chance.


Hornig U-Lock RK250 BMW MotorradPrintable Picture

More flexible but extrem secure is our lock-chain-combo for your bike. Every chain link has a diameter of 14mm and the chain is 120cm long. S.R.A and NF-FFMC homologated!


Hornig Lock-Chain-Combo BMW MotorradPrintable Picture

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