How to find the perfect windshield!

2011-11-29 - BMW, MRA, GIVI or ZTechnik windshield?

We're always receiving questions from customers like: "Which windshield is the perfect one for me?"
Of course a professional advice can help a lot but a test ride is maybe the best method to answer this question.
During a test ride you have to concentrate on many different things at the same time,
for example how the wind pressure on your helmet, on your shoulders and on your upper body was changed
you also have to check how the noise of the wind changes when you ride with a different speed
but maybe one of the most important things are the turbulences on your helmet.

We put all these factors for you into one simple but highly scientific test and made this video for you:

The Hornig Mullet Windshield Test Ride:

Windshield Test Ride BMW MotorcyclePrintable PictureMullet Windshield TestPrintable Picture
Windshield Test RidePrintable PictureBMW Windshield Test RidePrintable Picture

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