Nautilus Stebel Horn for BMW Motorcycles

2012-01-05 - BMW R1200GS, R1200R, R1200RT and K1600GT

Nautilus Stebel Horn for BMW Motorcycles

Motorcycle Accessory Hornig GmbH manufactures since January 2012 for the well known Nautilus Stebel Horn special mountings and wirings exclusive for BMW Motorcycles.
The Nautilus Stebel signal horn is street legal with an E-mark.
The sound volume is 139db in a distance of 10cm and 115db in a distance of 2m. This horn is ca. three times louder than a standard horn but it doesn't only procure the necessary respect to the rider but also ensures to be not overseen.
The special mountings are made of stainless steel and will be shipped with the needed wiring to mount and install the horn easy and fast.
The mountings and wirings are at the moment available for the following BMW Motorcycles:
Nautilus Stebel Horn for R1200GS and R1200GS Adventure
Nautilus Stebel Horn for R1200R
Nautilus Stebel Horn for R1200RT
Nautilus Stebel Horn for K1600GT
more will follow

You can also find a video-install-instruction for R1200GS and R1200R in our online shop!

Nautilus Stebel Horn BMW R1200GSPrintable PictureNautilus Stebel Horn BMW R1200RPrintable Picture
Nautilus Stebel Horn BMW R1200RTPrintable PictureNautilus Stebel Signal HornPrintable Picture

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