ZTechnik Engine Guards

2013-03-04 - High quality and design for your BMW

ZTechnik's stainless steel Engine Guards will never rust like powder coated steel guards. They are carefully designed to allow clearance for oil changes or valve cover access, so they never need to be removed. Guards attach to the engine mounts - not the engine covers - to protect the engine heads and not destroy them. Integrated top brackets on each guard allow the rider to mount accessory lights, video cameras, or whatever they can imagine!

BMW R1100GS & R1150GS
BMW R1100R, R1150R & R1150R Rockster
BMW R1100RT & R1150RT
BMW R1100RS & R1150RS
BMW R1100S
BMW R1200GS 04-09
BMW R1200GS 10-*
BMW R1200RT 05-09
BMW R1200RT 10-*
BMW R1200R 06-10
BMW R1200R 11-*

BMW ZTechnik CrashbarHigh resolution pictureBMW ZTechnik Engine GuardHigh resolution picture
BMW ZTechnik Crash GuardHigh resolution pictureBMW ZTechnik Engine ProtectionHigh resolution picture

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