The new BMW S1000R

2013-11-08 - BMW S1000RR as Naked Bike

Considering the new S1000R by BMW Motorrad, parallels to the super sport bike S1000RR could be seen quite clear. As it served as the basis this is not surprising.

Accessory for your BMW S1000R

The new 160hp strong S1000R, which has a weight of 207 kg, contains as standard a few specials. Starting with the ASC (Automatic Stability Control) and Race-ABS which offers a maximum of safety, through the two driving modes Rain and Road that offer the possibility to adapt the individual needs to the road conditions.

Not supplied but available as extra equipment is the dynamic traction control DTC (Dynamic Traction Control). Including the further driving modes Dynamic and Dynamic Pro as well as an additional slide tilt sensor it guarantees fun und safety.

In order to meet the different road conditions the power and torque representation of the 999 cm3 in-line-four-cylinder was concisely amplified in lower and medium speed range. So the engine has an output of 118 kW (160 hp) at 11 000 min-1 and develops a maximum torque of 112 Nm at 9250 min-1. Up to 7500 min-1 the engine produces 10 Nm more torque than in the S 1000 RR.

The engine got new configured channel ducts in the cylinder head also the cam profiles were updated and the engine management was adjusted. Thanks to the new engine-control BMS-X an electronic throttle can be used.

The BMW S1000R resorts as the RR to the light-metal bridge frame. A controllable upside-down fork and a dual-sided swing arm with adjustable central shock absorber take care of the wheel control for front and rear. Moreover the chassis geometry was slightly modified to meet the requirements of a roadster.

A dual disc brake with two radial-4-piston fixed callipers in the front and a single disk brake rear in combination with the partially integral-Race-ABS provides a powerful and safe deceleration. The DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) which can be found in the extra equipment flatters a perfectly controlled suspension.

A dynamic damping adjustment to the current driving situation controls electronically a still better appearance with increased active driving conciseness in a few seconds.

"Uniqueness by design" this slogan argues for the BMW S1000R. Breathed on by the S1000RR the new R also has the deep front and the steeply rising rear as it is typical for the super sport bike.

The LC-display with analog tachometer which shows the gear indicator, the driving mode as well as the lap time allow for the extensive facilities at the well-known high BMW Motorrad standard. An individually programmable shift flash allows for the ideal gear change.

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