BMW R1100R Scrambler conversion

2014-03-02 - Removing as much as possible

With our BMW R1100R Scrambler conversion we wanted to show how you can convert a BMW R1100R, that gets long in the tooth, into a cool scrambler with reasonable money-and time effort.
For this we got a BMW R1100R (year of construction 1996) with 70.000 km for about 2.500,00 euro from the second hand market.

First, we completely dismantled the bench seat and the rear, grinding the frame after the driver's seat and welded a bracket to the end of the frame, where later the aluminum fender (89.60 euro) with the LED rear light (26,95 euro + 15,00 euro for rear light mounting) was mounted.
Also the complete speedometer and headlight unit was dismantled and we fixed the spotlight only with a temporary aluminum holder, which later served as a template for the stainless steel holder (300,00 euro) with chrome speedometer (69,95 euro).

After that, we made several small visual improvements, such as the painting of the valve cover and many black plastic parts, which reflected the 18 years and 70.000 km.
We gave the tank to our painter, who let it shine in beautiful Hornig blue metallic (220,00 euro) and set the rear end higher, with a shorter Paralever strut (part number 2314179 84.90 euro) from our range.
As the collector and the muffler are one part of the BMW R1100R, we needed a new connector pipe to mount an exhaust with neat sound. Both items were produced by the company Penzl-Bikes from Straubing, Germany. The exhaust with cable-damper control costs 1000,00 euro.
Another highlight is our seat conversion (200.00 euro) with light brown leather, which makes it very classy.

The eye-catcher and a must-have for any scrambler are spoke rims with lugged tires. If you invest some time here, you can save a lot of money with used rims.
If you want it a bit faster you can use the original BMW spoke rims: Front 2.5 "x 18 (Item number 36 31 2330977 for 1030,00 euro) and rear 4 "x 17 (Item number 36 31 2314932 for 1050,00 Euro). For this we need the matching front ABS ring from BMW (part number 34 51 2314169 for 92,80 euro) and the matching brake discs: Front (2 x) MST 239 (per 119,95 euro). As tires we chose: Front Conti 110/80 18 "(85,00 euro) and rear Conti 150/70 17" (115,00 euro).
Finally we added on several aluminium cover and caps from our current product range with a total value of 180,00 euro.
The total time exposure and organization was about 35 hours.
The material value including the motorcycle amounted to about 7299,10 euro.

BMW ScramblerPrintable PictureBMW Scrambler R1100RPrintable Picture
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