BMW R1200R conversion by Hornig

2015-05-20 - with more comfort and individuality

We wanted to give our BMW R1200R LC 2015 a bit more comfort and safety compared to the original roadster and on top we added some storage space for the next tour.
The Variotouring windshield with its adjustable spoiler provides more wind protection also for taller riders on the naked bike and our altered seats provide more comfort also on longer trips. We also installed our lowered rider foot pegs in combination with the brake and shift lever enlargement in order to enlarge the knee angle of the rider.
For more storage space we used our 23 litre tank bag and our 8-16 litre rear bag. That means almost 40 litre volume with only two of our products.
More protection and safety are provided through our louder Magnum horn and the cylinder protection for the Boxer engine. The mirror extensions make sure that you can see more than your shoulders in the rear mirrors and the side stand foot enlargement ensures that you can park almost anywhere.
Other highlights are for example our stainless steel handle bar end weights and many other aluminium caps.
The Remus HexaCone Titanium exhaust improves the feeling with its great sound and gives more power to the R1200R.

Variotouring Windshield
Seat Alteration
Lowered Rider Foot Pegs
Brake and Shift Lever Enlargements
Tank Bag
Rear Bag
Magnum Horn
Cylinder Protection
Mirror Extensions
Side Stand Foot Enlargement
Stainless Steel Handlebar End Weights
many Aluminium Caps
Remus Exhaust

BMW R1200R 2015 Hornig conversionPrintable PictureBMW R1200R 2015 HornigPrintable Picture
BMW R1200R LC 2015 HornigPrintable PictureBMW R1200R LC 2015 HornigPrintable Picture
BMW R1200R 2015 HornigPrintable PictureBMW R1200R 2015 HornigPrintable Picture

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