New Hornig website

2016-01-14 - with improved usability and modern design

Our new website is online!

Due to our customers' changing habits concerning internet usage, we attach great importance to a user-friendly design of our website and always make efforts to adapt it to altered customer needs. A growing number of our customers no longer only uses the classic PC for surfing the internet, but also uses mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

Thanks to the new design of our website, it is now easier for you to navigate there with your mobile devices. Of course, the website still can also be visited by means of a PC or laptop.
All in all we created more clarity and usability.

Feel free to visit our website and explore our broad assortment of motorcycle accessory.
If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know via email to We are thankful for every kind of feedback.

New Hornig websiteBig pictureNew Hornig websiteBig picture

New Hornig websiteBig pictureNew Hornig websiteBig picture

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