F800R conversion by Hornig

2016-01-28 - with more comfort and individuality

For our F800R (2015) conversion we used a broad selection of our accessory parts assortment in order to set highlights with regard to comfort, safety and individual appearance and to upgrade the whole bike.

In order to protect the rider’s and the pillion rider’s legs as well as the suspension strut and the rear of the F800R against dirty splash water, small stones etc., we installed our rear mudguard which is made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic. Moreover, we modified the bike’s seat and mounted our handlebar risers, which contributes substantially to a better sitting position and therefore to an enhanced driving comfort. Our Sport windshield also improves the comfort on the F800R because the sporty rider thereby has a regular and constant airflow around and towards the helmet and generates less turbulence which could otherwise limit the riding pleasure. On longer tours, a suitable GPS mounting and some storage space are also indispensable factors for a comfortable ride. For this purpose we installed our GPS mounting with plate onto the handlebar of the F800R and our tank bag mounting on the tank. A tank bag with a storage capacity of 20 litres can be mounted thereon.

As a safeguard against engine damages we installed an engine spoiler which also creates a sporty look for the F800R. In addition, we mounted some crash protectors that prohibit bigger damages of the engine and the fairing in the case of an accident. Moreover, we also installed our fork crash protectors which are a good protection for the fork. Our side stand foot enlargement ensures a safe position of the motorcycle on all terrains. Another important aspect concerning safety are our mirror extensions because they enable an ideal view to the rear and to the following traffic.

For the individual visual design of our F800R we used our centre cap top yoke with emblem, our white rim stripes and the white varnishing of the tank, the rear seat cover, the mudguard and the engine spoiler. Moreover, the headlight fairing and some parts of the side covering were coated with carbon pigments in order to give the motorcycle an elegant overall appearance. Our F800R conversion is completed by an AC Schnitzer STEALTH exhaust which leads to a sonorous sound and to a perceptible performance and torque increase.

You can find the products we used for our conversion here:

Rear mudguard
Seat modification
Handlebar risers
Sport windshield
GPS mounting with plate
Tank bag and tank mounting
Engine spoiler
Crash pads
Fork crash pads
Mirror extensions
Side stand foot enlargement
Centre cap top yoke
Rim stripes
AC Schnitzer STEALTH exhaust

F800R conversion by HornigPrintable pictureF800R conversion by HornigPrintable picture
F800R conversion by HornigPrintable pictureF800R conversion by HornigPrintable picture
F800R conversion by HornigPrintable pictureF800R conversion by HornigPrintable picture

You get a 360 degree view of the bike, some detailed views and a taste of the AC Schnitzer STEALTH sound if you watch our video:

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