The new BMW R1250GS Adventure

2018-11-06 - Long-distance trips and motorcycling adventures

The new BMW R1250GS Adventure is the personification of what BMW Motorrad calles "long-distance trips and motorcycling adventures". The liquid cooled Boxer engine has now 1.254ccm of volume and was developed to meet the future emission laws. The controlled catalytic converter in combination with the four valve tenique and the electronic fuel injection provide the best efficiency possible and eco friendliness as well as maximum power and torque.
100kW (136HP) at 7.750rpm and 143Nm at 6.250rpm is the power of the new liquid cooled Boxer engine with a volume of 1.254ccm.
Even more power is provided thanks to the new BMW ShiftCam Technology and not only the emissions will be lower, but also the consumption.
Standard equipment for the BMW R1250GS Adventure are the LED head light and two ride modi, ASC and the new Hill Start Control. The dynamic brake control DBC, the ride modi Pro and additional ride modi (for R1250GS Adventure "Enduro" and "Enduro Pro" (adjustable)), ABS Pro, dynamic traction control DTC as well as Hill Start Control Pro are not standard and must be purchased additionally.
The electric suspenion Dynamic ESA "Next Generation" is a real active suspension (also no standard equipment).
However, the big 6.5 inch TFT-Display is the standard speedometer for the new BMW R1250GS Adventure.

All our products for BMW R1250GS Adventure can be found here: Products for BMW R1250GS Adventure

BMW R1250GS AdventurePrintable PictureBMW R1250GS AdventurePrintable Picture
BMW R1250GS AdventureSPrintable PictureBMW R1250GS AdventurePrintable Picture
BMW R1250GS AdventurePrintable Picture 

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