R1200R conversion (PR)

2007-07-02 - Sportive appreciation of that roadster

Ritzenried. Finished one month before the BMW Motorrad Days 2007, we were able to show one of Hornig's most recent conversions, the R1200R. The Roadster leaves the factory as a purist bike, allowing loads of scope to enhance and modify.
Our philosophy with this model was to create a more sport oriented look, yet keeping to a discrete look with parts that are easy for the owners to fit themselves.
The concept is the product of a Spanish designer, ensuring that all elements combined into a cohesive whole. The result is an R in classic black with red stripe highlights and a few modifications.
A race sound is achieved by fitting a Remus PowerCone in Titanium, accenting well with the other aluminium parts fitted as well as increasing power by up to 4hp.
An extra sporty touch is the addition of a GRP spoiler, which may also be fitted with a front grille. It is still possible to use the centre stand, so ease of use remains unaffected.
A rear seat cover is available for those who travel solo. Also made of GRP this fits seamlessly into the design, but is quick and easy to remove for pillion use.
A small GRP screen, deliberately kept small to accentuate the purist Roadster character, nonetheless offers good wind protection, helping to reduce pressure on the neck on long journeys.
A rear hugger (GRP) stops dirt and splashes so that you arrive at your destination still relatively dry and clean.
All GRP parts are supplied black primed (see picture) and can be painted in any colour if desired.
Small details are covers for the swingarm pivot, frame, fork tubes, final drive pivot, oil filler plug, rear axle, Telelever end caps and engine covers, all made of aluminium. Mirror extensions improve the view to the rear. For increased rider comfort and safety gear and rear brake lever enlargements are fitted. The oil cooler is further protected with the addition of a cooler grille.
A side stand foot of black anodized aluminium offers safe parking anywhere. In total this conversion offers a host of small highlights, all working together to create a distinctive sport look to the R1200R.

Changes in comparison to the series:

Rear Seat Cover
Engine Spoiler
Engine cover
Remus PowerCone
Rear Hugger
Rear wheel center lug cover
Frame Cover
Telelever end caps
Fork tube cover
Brake pedal enlargement
Shift lever enlager
Oil filler plug
Mirror Extensions
Axle Journal Cover
Sidestand foot enlargement
Foot brake fluid r.
Swingarm pivot cover right
Swingarm pivot cover left

BMW R1200R UmbauPrintable pictureBMW R12RPrintable picture
BMW UmbauPrintable pictureBMW UmbauPrintable picture

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