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- Tank bags, Duffel Bags, Inside Bags, Saddlebags and many more
- Introductory offer
- Ram Ball Adapter for our GPS Mounting

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Tank bags, Duffel Bags, Inside Bags, Saddlebags and many more
All tank bags and bags are waterproof, a Rain Protection Cover is available when you ride for hours in a rainstorm and all tank bags are available with suckers or magnets.
Just have a look at your bike for example "BMW R1200GS" and in the category "Seats, Trunks & Bags" and you will find all fitting tank bags and bags for your bike:

Tank bag with 34 Litre Volume: http://www.mhornig.de/en/013_02598__BMW_R_1100_1150_RT__Tank_bag_34L.html

Tank bag with 24 Litre Volume: http://www.mhornig.de/en/005_02592__BMW_R_850_1200_C__Tank_bag_24L.html

Tank bag with 23 Litre Volume: http://www.mhornig.de/en/016_02595__BMW_R_1200_GS_Adv_HP2__Tank_bag_23L.html

Tank bag with 17 Litre Volume: http://www.mhornig.de/en/005_02603__BMW_R_850_1200_C__Tank_bag_17L.html

Tank bag with 7 Litre Volume: http://www.mhornig.de/en/003_02601__BMW_R_850_1100_1150_R_Rockster__Tank_bag_7L.html

Tank bag with 7 Litre Volume: http://www.mhornig.de/en/021_02572__BMW_R_1200_R__Tank_Bag.html

Saddlebags: http://www.mhornig.de/en/000_02590__BMW_F_650_CS_GS_STDakar__Saddlebags.html

Duffel Bag: http://www.mhornig.de/en/000_02574__BMW_F_650_CS_GS_STDakar__Duffel_Bag.html

Inside Bags: http://www.mhornig.de/en/023_02569__BMW_K_1200_GT_06_NEW__Inside_Bag.html

Introductory offer
You receive on all Tank bags and Bags the same discount as on our Aluminium, High-grade steel and Glas fiber items.
But we can offer you as Introductory Offer until 31st January 2008 the maxiumim discount on all of our Tank bags and Bags:
for example: for a Tank Bag with 23 Litre Volume Articel nr.: TM-EN.M16-23S for example for a BMW R1200GS
Our selling price: 114,90 Euro. Your price: 68,94 Euro.

Ram Ball Adapter for our GPS Mounting
We also want to show to you our new 1" Ram-Ball Adapter which can be connected with all our GPS Mountings
and also with any Ram-Mount in order to mount your Mobile, PDA or similar things to your bike.
Articel nr.: ram-1zoll
can for example be found here: http://www.mhornig.de/en/016_01075__BMW_R_1200_GS_Adv_HP2__GPS_Mount_1.html

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