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- Is your bike ready for the next season?
- Tests, Adventures & Catalogue 2008
- New Products and Developments

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Is your bike ready for the next season?
We wish you a happy new year 2008 just like a good motorcycle season. Maybe you'll find some items in or shop which might help you starting into the new season.

Helpful could also be this checklist:

* Clean the bike.
* Reintegrate the loaded battery.
* Check the engine oil, brake fluid, cooling fluid und the fully suspended drive oil (when you have one).
* Check the sparking plugs and the spark-plug connector.
* Check all lights.
* Check all electrical installations.
* Check the chain and oil it.
* Check the brake pads, braking efficiency and free-wheel.
* Check also the bowden cables.
* The tyre profile must be at least 2mm (Germany) and check the tire pressure.
* Start the engine with choke and let it run with low torque.
When the engine won't start. Take a break and check the lights. When you recognice that the power of the lights went down try a jump start otherwise you could crash your battery.

Tests, Adventures & Catalogue 2008
Just like last year we'll test in 2008 our products with our test- and long distanc riders under unbelivable hard conditions and in cooperation we'll of course improve and develop new items.
Like we did it with our tankbags and inside bags for the sidecases in order to supply only the best products to you.
You can find many interesting stories of our test- and long distanc riders in our 2008 catalogue and in the online shop in the "News Archive".

New Products and Developments
New Products:

All BMW biks can be found here:

* Clothes & Stickers

* Touch-up Sticks
* new Carbon Rear Hugger
* 17 Inch Carbon Front Mud Guard
* Cluth and Sinter Cluth

* Cluth and Sinter Cluth

* Chrome colour bulbs front

* Chrome colour bulbs front
* Cluth and Sinter Cluth

* Carbon Front Mud Guard
* Cluth and Sinter Cluth

* Cluth and Sinter Cluth

* Cluth and Sinter Cluth

* Exhaust Connection Pipe

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