20% discount on grip puppies

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- Crash Protectors BMW F900R
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- 20% discount on grip puppies
- Key pouch with RFID blocker for Keyless Ride

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Crash Protectors BMW F900R
Crash Protectors
for BMW F900R

These crash protectors are made of cnc lathed nylon.
These crash protectors provide additional protection for your motorcycle's engine and frame.
Shipment includes the crash protectors for the left and right side.

Crash Protectors for BMW F900R
78,90 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram


Instagram: hornig.motorcycle.parts

20% discount on grip puppies
You get 20% discount on grip puppies until July 19, 2020.
Just choose your BMW motorcycle model here:

Key pouch with RFID blocker for Keyless Ride
Key pouch with RFID blocker
for Keyless Ride

The "Keyless Go" or "Keyless Ride" technology offers the modern motorcycle rider many advantages. For example, the motorcycle can be started quickly and easily without having to search for the key.

However, this technology also offers thieves the opportunity to steal your motorcycle quite easily by intercepting your key's signal. Your key's radio signal is usually limited to a few meters. With a so-called range extender, however, unauthorized persons can tap into the radio signal of your key, extend it over many meters and thus manipulate the access system of your motorcycle. If you are sitting in a restaurant, for example, it is fairly easy to intercept your key signal and extend it to the parking lot where your motorcycle is parked. Then the malefactor only has to press the starter button and can drive away with your motorcycle.

Our key pouch made of black synthetic leather with integrated RFID blocker provides a remedy. This key pocket is effectively shielded and prevents radio signals from entering and exiting. Your key - and thus your motorcycle - remains protected as long as it is kept in the locked key bag. With this simple but effective tool you can put a stop to the theft of your motorcycle!

As you can see in the video, our key case has two pockets, one with and one without an RFID blocker, so that you can simply move the key on the key chain from the protected area to the normal area and the journey can start and vice versa.

Dimensions: approx. 12.5 cm x 7.5 cm

Key pouch with RFID blocker for Keyless Ride
29,90 Euro up (incl. VAT) plus shipping

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