Handlebar bag with phone pocket & Carrying handle for aluminium cases

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- 10% discount on many GPS supports
- Handlebar bag with phone pocket
- Carrying handle for aluminium cases
- Clock BMW - Garage
- Cham music summer 2023

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10% discount on many GPS supports
You get 10% discount on selected GPS supports until May 14, 2023.
Just choose your BMW motorcycle model.

Handlebar bag with phone pocket
The handlebar bag with mobile phone compartment is suitable for mobile phones with dimensions of approximately 20 x 8 cm. The smartphone can be operated through the transparent viewing window and the phone can be used for navigation. The mobile phone compartment can simply be folded away to access the handlebar bag. So you always have small things like glasses, small change, etc. at hand.

Carrying handle for aluminium cases
This carrying handle can be attached to the eyelets of the BMW aluminum cases and enables the cases to be transported easily.
Suitable for aluminum top cases and aluminum side cases.

Clock BMW - Garage
This chic wall clock features a 5.5 cm deep metal case, a domed glass face and battery operated quartz movement.
Batteries required: 1 AA battery
Diameter: 31cm

Cham music summer 2023
The most beautiful thing in life are the little moments when you feel that you are in the right place at the right time. For example in summer, when the heartbeat of the city becomes one with the rhythm of the Cham Music Summer. From the end of May to the beginning of September, the music plays in the heart of the city of Cham. And spans a stylistic range from Bavarian-Bohemian brass music to groovy jazz and the latest titles from the pop charts on the market square stage. Let's make the summer of 2023 ring out together!

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