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With 100 decibels, the signal horn not only gives you the necessary respect, but also increases your safety and reduces the risk of being ignored. The small design and easy installation make this horn ideal for motorcycles. Thanks to the E-mark, the horn does not need to be registered in the EU.
Easily interchangeable with the original horn.

Note: The water outlet (marked with a red arrow in the photo) must always point downwards - if water gets into the horn, it can drain off again. If the drain is clogged with dirt, it should be cleaned, otherwise the horn can be permanently damaged.

Height 6cm
Diameter 8cm


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Do I have to consider anything else after having mounted the horn?
Yes. Please make sure that water does not stay inside the horn (e.g. after washing the motorcycle). Otherwise the function of the horn cannot be guaranteed since it might be damaged by the water.


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