Extenda Fender rear

The rear section of the rear fender is not long enough to...

Price € 50,90
without VAT plus shipping

Carbon Fiber Tank Pad

Zips or buttons can scratch your tank very easily. Because...

Price € 13,90
without VAT plus shipping

Extenda Fender

The rear section of the front fender is not long enough to...

Price € 31,90
without VAT plus shipping

ABS resin mud guard

This solid rear hugger is made of ABS resin plastics and...

Special price € 149,90
instead of € 158,90

without VAT plus shipping

Frame end caps

These covers are made of black plastic material and cover...

Price € 19,00
without VAT plus shipping

Hand Protectors

A very good protection against the wind and weather. Our...

Price € 119,90
without VAT plus shipping

The optimal splash guard made of ABS plastic, our ABS Resin Mud Guard, is the perfect protection for the pillion rider, but also says goodbye to dirt. The same goes for the Extenda Fenda rear. Of course, such a protection is also available and needed for the front. Therefore, we offer our Extenda Fender which keeps road debris off the front of the engine. For an additional visual upgrade, our frame end caps will do the job, which cover the open holes of the frame. And to top things off, we offer you our Carbon Fiber Tank Pad which does not just look great, but also protects the tank from scratches.