Windscreen V-Stream for BMW F900R

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The V-Stream Windshield set new standards for design, technology and comfort. Made of Quantum/Lexan Polycarbonat which is 10x more scratch-resistant than usual Acrylic. The windscreen will be shipped with everything you need to mount it.
Windshield V-Stream with mounting
Also reffered to as windshield, windscreen, shield, screen.

Install Instruction

dark tinted, height 34,3cm, width 35cm (Image 3)

Article-No. : Z2389

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 345,00
USD: 357,87 $
GBP: 296,60 £
AUD: 532,65 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Light tint, height 44.4cm, width 32.2cm (Image 4)

Article-No. : Z2390

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 359,00
USD: 372,39 $
GBP: 308,63 £
AUD: 554,26 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Clear, height 54.6cm, width 40.6cm (Image 5)

Article-No. : Z2391

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 360,00
USD: 373,43 $
GBP: 309,49 £
AUD: 555,80 $A

without VAT plus shipping

Questions about this article

Which windscreen is the best option for me?
Windscreens and wind protection are always a complicated issue and advices via internet or telephone are not possible or wrong in most of the cases.
It is not only about the windscreen, there are also many other individual factors like your helmet, your sitting position and your own subjective feeling.
Therefore, we cannot give you any recommendation or advise.
Before ordering, many customers for example test the necessary windscreen height by slightly moving their head up and down while driving.


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Karsten wrote | 2022-10-28:
Very good quality. This screen improves the driving comfort a lot. Easy installation aswell.

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