Handlebar Risers with Offset for BMW F900XR

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Handlebar risers with offset: 30mm higher and 25mm closer to the rider

Raising the handlebar by 30mm results in a more upright, much more relaxed seating position. Moreover, the handlebar is brought 25mm closer to the rider which additionally improves driving comfort.
The handlebar riser also makes riding while standing less tiring, which is of tremendous benefit to taller riders in particular.
The overall result is a noticeable increase in stamina and concentration. Long stretches on the motorway are less nerve-racking, and even fast, difficult off-road sections are easier to handle.
Easy to fit in minutes. No need for long cables or brake cables! Fits on original handlebar.
Also referred to as handlebar risers, handlebar height increase, bar back risers, barbacks.

Install Instruction

Handlebar Risers 30/25mm

Article-No. : 26876

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Price: € 100,90
USD: 117,04 $
GBP: 85,13 £
AUD: 157,68 $A

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4 pieces stainless steel Allen screw M8 for replacing the special screws

Article-No. : 2534-520

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Questions about this article

Are the handlebar risers delivered as a complete set?
Yes, of course. Please take a look at the product images. In the 4th picture you can see exactly what you get (2x handlebar risers + 4x screws).

What about length cables? With riser installation.
Usually you won’t need to modify the length of the cables with this handlebar riser.

Is this compatible with BMW's Navigation mount ?
Yes, it is compatible with BMW's Navigation mount.

Do I need the additional screws (item 2534-520)?
BMW uses special screws with threads in their extended screw heads on the triple clamp in order to mount the navigation system there. If somebody does not want to mount the navigation system there anylonger, our shorter screws (2534-520) can be used. With these screws you do not have any disturbing screw heads with thread on the triple clamp. An elegant solution if you do not want to mount the support of the BMW GPS system on the triple clamp anylonger. Our short screws (2534-520) are not necessary for mounting the handlebar risers.


The average rating of this product is 5 of 5:
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Martin wrote | 2021-10-07:
Great product and swift delivery. Will use again

Annika wrote | 2021-07-17:
Perfect for my bike, fast delivery and ok price

Wayne wrote | 2021-03-16:
Amazing piece of kit not only raises the bars but also brings them closer making a huge improvement to the rider position and feel . They take the stretch out and make it more relaxed- well worth the money

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