Hand Protectors

A very good protection against the wind and weather. Our...

Special price € 169,44
instead of € 172,90

without VAT plus shipping

Extenda Fender rear

The rear section of the rear fender is not long enough to...

Price € 50,90
without VAT plus shipping

Air deflector

These acrylic extensions will be mounted behind the original...

Price € 143,90
without VAT plus shipping

Extenda Fender

The rear section of the front fender is not long enough to...

Price € 33,80
without VAT plus shipping

Carbon Fiber Tank Pad

Zips or buttons can scratch your tank very easily. Because...

Price € 13,90
without VAT plus shipping

ABS resin mud guard

This solid rear hugger is made of ABS resin plastics and...

Special price € 149,90
instead of € 158,90

without VAT plus shipping

Frame end caps

These covers are made of black plastic material and cover...

Price € 19,00
without VAT plus shipping

Lightness paired with resistance or unique appearance. This is what accessories made of glass fibre reinforced plastic or carbon fibre offer for your BMW F900XR. To ensure that you don't spoil the fun of a trip, the hand protectors protect you from unpleasant cold, but also splashing water and rain. By the way, our air deflectors are a good addition to the hand protectors. With our fender extender, you can protect the F900XR from stone chips and also keep the engine housing and manifold clean. The F900XR is visually enhanced on the one hand by the frame end caps, which close the open holes, and on the other hand by the carbon fibre tank pad, that not only protects against scratches but also has a carbon surface look including a 3D finish.