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Our mirror extensions are the perfect solution if you mainly see your shoulders in the mirrors. The mirrors will be moved a few centimetres outwards in order to improve the view to the rear.

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1 Set Mirror Extensions

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Peter G. wrote | 2018-06-11:
The G310R is a great little bike in so many ways, but like a lot of skinny bikes, the wing mirrors don't show you much in the way of a good view of the road behind, just your shoulders. Pushing the mirrors out a couple of inches was an early priority, therefore and I looked at several extenders before settling on these. I liked their more sculpted shape - they seem to have been designed, rather than just made. Fitting is straightforward, bearing in mind one side has reverse threads, so be careful when undoing the mirrors initially. They are screwed into posts which also need to be removed and set aside. I recommend mounting the extenders with thread sealant to stop them from vibrating themselves loose over time. Once fitted and adjusted the mirrors give a much better view of the road behind from both sides. The view can be slightly shaky at times, but that's down to the bike, rather than these extenders, which are very solid and rigid. No instructions as such, so no explanation of where the various washers go, as some of them are an unusual shape, but it's not hard to see what works best. All in all, very pleased.

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