Universal Rim Stripes

Universal Rim Stripes for every motorcycle model. -...

Price € 13,90
without VAT plus shipping

Race Decor

This Race Decor sticker set includes twice the brand logo...

Price € 29,90
without VAT plus shipping


This umbrella is printed with our Hornig logo. It opens when...

Price € 11,00
without VAT plus shipping

Sweat Shirts

50% cotton, 50% polyester, twin seam and elastic cuffs in...

Price € 20,00
without VAT plus shipping


100% brushed cotton and a twin seam in royal blue or black...

Price € 14,90
without VAT plus shipping


UV-resistant in 2 sizes and 3 colours each. 130x75mm:...

Price € 3,50
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Pin G310R

This high-quality pin shows your G310R and it is about 26 x...

Price € 12,40
without VAT plus shipping


100% brushed cotton in royal blue or black with a very...

Price € 8,90
without VAT plus shipping

Bottle opener

Our bottle opener is made of aluminium, blue anodized and...

Price € 3,50
without VAT plus shipping

Rim Stripes

Rim Stripes with the writing G310R. - pre-curved 7 mm...

Price € 17,00
without VAT plus shipping

Something convenient under the motorcycle clothing ✅ makes the ride more enjoyable. Thereto we have our sweat shirts or T-shirts with the Hornig logo. The shirts are made of pleasant brushed cotton and available in the colours royal blue and black. For the perfect finish to the top, there are our Caps with the Hornig logo. The Cap is equipped with a metal buckle, which ensures the optimal fit after adjusting the size. The logo is flocked at outerwear and cap and therefore washable. Our handy Umbrella in royal blue with our logo doesn't leave you out in the rain and the little bottle opener is a practical accessory for the bunch of keys. Also for your BMW G310R we have some small Hornig Stickers. The discrete stickers are UV-resistant and available in two sizes and three colours. The obtainable sizes are 130x75mm and 50x25mm. The outlines of our logo are also the outlines of the sticker. Each is available in blue, black or white. Certainly there is a small spot on your G310R where one of our stickers would look good.