Refill pack for Dynaplug Ultralite Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Refill pack for Dynaplug Ultralite Tubeless Tire Repair Kit...

Price € 13,90
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GS911 wifi Enthusiast Diagnostic Equipment

BMW G650GS & Sertao Bikes

The ideal diagnostic tool for workshop and travel! The...

Price € 459,00
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Socket wrench set large

Socket wrench set, 181 pieces - Chrome vanadium...

Price € 179,90
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Torque wrench

1/2" or 3/8" with a large torque adjustment range...

Price € 49,90
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Torx keys

The Torx keys are made of high-quality chrome-vanadium-steel...

Price € 18,90
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Socket wrench set small

Socket wrench set small with 24 TX-tools made of...

Price € 65,90
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Feeler gauge set

This feeler gauge set includes a metal cover, like the...

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Adapter for ratchet

Part no. 137521: Adapter from 1/2" to 3/8" to use a...

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Spark plug wrench 18mm

This spark plug wrench has a wrench size of 18mm. It is very...

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Bike-Scan 100 Professional Diagnostic Equipment

BMW G650GS & Sertao Bikes

The small but powerful diagnostic tool Bike-Scan 100...

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Allen key

High-quality Allen keys made of chrome-vanadium-steel are...

Price € 16,50
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Two-piece Load Restraint Assembly

Consisting of one tie-down strap with S-hook and a...

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Inside the grips of this multitool are many useful tools...

Price € 42,00
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Syringe 100ml

With this filling syringe, which holds a maximum of 100ml of...

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Feeler gauge set (13 pieces)

This feeler gauge set includes a nickel plated cover. Each...

Price € 11,90
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Lashing loops set

These lashing loops can simply be looped around the frame...

Price € 12,95
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Tubeless Tire Repair Kit

Tire repair kit for repairing holes in tubeless tires for...

Price € 14,90
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In this category you will find all tools you need for the work on your BMW G650GS. Very usefull is our socket wrench ✅ or toolbox, which can be extended by the appropriate torque wrench, so you can attract all the bolts with the correct torque. For special assessory products we offer you the allen key and the torx key also separately. Also you require our socket wrench for certain work, in a small or a large version. A very useful aide is our diagnostic tool so you can immediately recognize the error in the error memory and display more information, such as the parameters of the components or functions. Of course, you can also remove the error from the error memory. Also our spark plug wrench will help you. It has a key size of 16 mm and thanks to its narrow shape it is perfect to change the spark plugs on BMW motorcycles, as most of the other socket wrenches and spanners are too thick for this job. A correct and proper synchronisation of the carburettor or the fuel-injection system is very important for perfect engine running.The Twinmax synchroniser machine compares the vacuum on both sides with the help of a single pressure sensor and shows the difference on the indicator. The advantages of this synchroniser machine are among other things that it is usable on almost every engine, absolutely accurate, free of mercury, springs or weights and of course very compact.