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BMW K1200GT (06-) Gel battery

Gelbattery "LICENCE", "EXIDE GEL" or "Landport BV" for BMW K1200GT model 2006 or newer & BMW K1300GT.
Attention: Charge your battery before you use it. Gel-Batteries may only be charged with appropriate battery chargers.

Gelbattery "LICENCE"
12V 18Ah
L = 181mm; W = 77mm; H = 170mm;

Article-No. : 80010

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Price: € 103,00
USD: 119,81 $
GBP: 90,26 £
AUD: 156,32 $A

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Gelbattery "EXIDE GEL"
12V 19Ah
L = 186mm; W = 82mm; H = 174mm;

Article-No. : 80011

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Price: € 149,80
USD: 174,25 $
GBP: 131,27 £
AUD: 227,35 $A

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Gelbatterie "Landport BV"
SLA 12V 19Ah
L = 182mm; W = 78mm; H = 171mm;

Article-No. : 161100

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Price: € 89,90
USD: 104,57 $
GBP: 78,78 £
AUD: 136,44 $A

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Questions about this article

How much power does a Gel Battery have?
For the exact value please refer the product description. A gel battery brings about 3 times more starting current as a normal battery.

What is the life span of a Gel Battery?
With proper care and maintenance for many years. Proper maintenance is, as with a normal battery, to load the battery during extended holding time (longer than 14 days) with a suitable Battery Charger (for example Optimate). Charging current with a gel battery is max. 1A.

Can I use my car battery charger?
No, gel batteries have to be charged only with appropriate chargers (for example Optimate). Loading with normal chargers destroys the gel battery. (Charging current max. 1 A)

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