Battery charger Optimate 4 Quad Program for BMW K1300GT

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Item 90018: Battery charger Optimate 4 Quad Program with a plug for the BMW on-board socket
Item 90016: Battery charger Optimate 4 Quad Program without plug for the BMW on-board socket, but with a cable that you can connect directly to your battery for easy charging without removing the battery

Battery charger Optimate 4 Quad Program, 1.25 A, 9-stage 12V / 12.8 V protection, test, trickle charger TM-630, for lead, AGM and lithium iron phosphate batteries
The charger is suitable for mains voltage of 100V-240V at 50-60Hz.

Optimate 4 Quad Program, for the ultimate maintenance of the high-tech 12V/12.8V battery in your adventure, touring, cruiser or racing motorcycle or ATV, side-by-side and personal watercraft - the world's most advanced motorsport battery charger!

Quad Program: Select Program 1 or 3 to charge the battery directly or by means of a live (hot) 12V socket, or Program 2 or 4 to charge by means of a BMW CAN-bus controlled 12V socket. To do this, the charger must be ordered with the appropriate cable.

Fully automatic multi-stage program brings the battery safely to full charge. Select battery type and charging needs, the Optimate 4 Quad Program does the rest, no monitoring required!

- For all 12V power sports battery types, including Lead-Acid (Pb) > STD (with fill caps), AGM & GEL (sealed VRLA) and Li-Ion, manufactured with LiFePO4 / LFP technology
- BMW Motorrad CAN-bus compatible, automatic activation
- Intelligent desulphation from 0.5V, for lead batteries
- Can easily stay connected, full electronic protection
- Maintains full charge and battery health
- Low voltage recovery and BMS reset, for LFP battery
- Tests battery health, energy saving technology
- Standby power below 0.5W
- Efficient 24/7 battery maintenance
- Weather resistant: can still be used at -40°C / -40°F

There is a video for this product - watch here!

Battery charger Optimate 4 Quad Program with charging cable for BMW on-board socket and cable with clamps (crocodile clips)

Article-No. : 90018

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Price: € 92,90
USD: 100,70 $
GBP: 79,19 £
AUD: 152,30 $A

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Battery Charger Optimate 4 Quad Program with eye cable
You can directly connect the eye cable to the battery and place the other end of the cable under your seat for easy and fast charging.

Article-No. : 90016

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Price: € 83,90
USD: 90,95 $
GBP: 71,52 £
AUD: 137,55 $A

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Eye cable
(spare part)
(Image 3)

Article-No. : 208-03-71

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Price: € 14,90
USD: 16,15 $
GBP: 12,70 £
AUD: 24,43 $A

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Extra cable for motorcycle plug box (image 4)

Article-No. : 208-03-72

Availability: immediately available    Show details
Price: € 30,50
USD: 33,06 $
GBP: 26,00 £
AUD: 50,00 $A

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Does the plug fit into all sockets? Also USA, UK, Australia, Asia?
No, there is no plug which fits all sockets. We are a German company and our plugs fit our sockets. But this is no problem. Just get a travel adapter and it should work fine.


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